Thursday, June 17

Samsungs Latest Phone Unsurprisingly Hit by Random Android Auto Disconnects – autoevolution

In theory, a new phone should work with Android Auto just fine, especially because it features the latest in terms of hardware and software.

And the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE makes no exception, as this is one of the latest phones unveiled by the South Korean company, and its purpose is to serve as a more affordable alternative to the pricier Galaxy S20.

But as some of those who bought the device found out the hard way, the S20 FE is sometimes experiencing the same Android Auto issues as everyone else, including random disconnects.

A reddit thread where those who bought this phone discuss the Android Auto problems indicate that sometimes the whole thing is happening because of the cable used to connect the mobile device to the head unit. As many people know already, this is something that’s affecting many other phones out there, as the cable is often the culprit of various issues with Android Auto, including the random disconnects that these people are now struggling with.

Others complain of Bluetooth problems in the car, with the connection sometimes dropped for no clear reason.

I get this issue every once in a while, haven’t had it happen during a call thankfully. I haven’t been able to diagnose it either. A bigger issue for me, only with this phone, the Bluetooth audio comes through at a higher volume which I like. When I’m USB plugged in, it almost sounds muddy, and I can turn the volume completely up with no distortion,” one user explains.

Of course, there’s no workaround available right now, and leaving the Bluetooth problems aside, one change that could help is getting a higher-quality cable to run Android Auto.

Neither Samsung nor Google acknowledged these problems hitting the Galaxy S20 FE, so for the time being, users are all alone in their attempt to find a solution for these random disconnects.

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