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Jon Pardi marries Summer Duncan in intimate Tennessee wedding after COVID-19 canceled May dream wedding – USA TODAY

The coronavirus pandemic may have forced country singer Jon Pardi and Summer Duncan to cancel their Memorial Day wedding.

But it didn’t cancel the marriage.

The “Ain’t Always the Cowboy” singer, 35, and hairstylist Duncan, 31, were married Saturday night in an intimate ceremony at Saddle Woods Farm in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, press representative Jennifer Vessio confirms to USA TODAY.

“Mrs. Pardi!!” Duncan posted on a wedding embrace photo on Instagram stories, changing her status to “married @jonpardi. 

“I feel like I married the right person,” Pardi told after the delayed ceremony.

“There’s never a right time in 2020 to get married, so after all the planning and replanning we were just happy we got to do it,” Duncan said.

The May wedding in Montana “was going to be unreal,” Duncan told People. “We had an entire lodge rented out for three days for a wedding weekend extravaganza with events daily, a spa, chefs. … But then COVID hit, and that all went away.”

Keeping cautious amid the continuing pandemic, the couple pared down the guest list dramatically and had all guests tested prior to Saturday’s ceremony. They also ditched the original planned buffet for a sit-down dinner at spaced-apart tables with sanitation stations and custom “Pardi-time” face masks available for guests.

The ceremony and reception were primarily held in a heated, flex indoor/outdoor space to maximize the air ventilation.

There were cute laughs during the ceremony ring exchange, as Pardi held out the wrong hand for the placement of the wedding band. “Other hand!” the bride told the groom, who happily shouted out, “First-timer!”

Pardi and Duncan got engaged in October 2019, after dating for three-and-a-half years. The couple was set up in May 2017.

Summer Duncan and country singer Jon Pardi married Saturday in an intimate affair.

“Summer was love at first sight for the first time ever in my life,” Pardi said. “She was the first girl I’ve ever dated where I felt like she had my back and that we really are a team. Summer is stunningly beautiful to look at, but that doesn’t compare with her heart and how caring she is. We have the most fun together — in any situation — and we laugh constantly.”

Duncan starred in Pardi’s 2019 “Heartache Medication” video.

The couple have not set plans for a honeymoon, and are looking for another big wedding event, pandemic allowing.

“We hope to eventually have a ‘wedding tour,’ as Jon calls it, and celebrate with all our family and friends in California, Nashville and Texas,” said Duncan.

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