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The best Cyber Monday iPhone deals 2020 – Toms Guide

iPhone Cyber Monday deals are live early, and we’ve got discounts galore to help you save on a wide range of Apple’s phones. We’re seeing plenty of opportunities to save money over the next few days as Cyber Monday deals bring lower prices all around.

Carriers and retailers are competing to see which can offer the best ways to save on iPhones of all kinds, and that includes the new iPhone 12 family. You can also expect  big discounts on the older iPhone 11, alongside price reductions on the already cheap iPhone SE and value-priced iPhone XR. 

Below are all the best iPhone Cyber Monday deals we’ve found so far. Also be sure to check out our dedicated iPhone 12 Cyber Monday deals hub and the best Apple Cyber Monday deals overall.

Best Cyber Monday iPhone deals right now

Best iPhone 12 Cyber Monday deals

Best iPhone 12 Deal

iPhone 12: free with trade-in @ T-Mobile
T-Mobile is offering up to $830 off the iPhone 12 when you join the carrier and activate a new unlimited line.  You’ll purchase an iPhone 12 on a monthly payment plan and receive credit via 30 monthly bill credits.

iPhone 12: Save up to $700 at Verizon
You can save up to $700 on a new iPhone 12 over at Verizon when you sign up for a Get Unlimited data plan ($90 a month for one line) and trade in your phone. If you opt for the cheaper Play More or Do More unlimited plans (both $80 a month), you’ll get up to $550 back with an eligible trade-in. This deal applies to all new iPhone 12 models.View Deal

iPhone 12: Save $900 with AT&T @ Best Buy
Since the 64GB iPhone 12 is $799, you can, in theory, get yourself a free iPhone 12 through BestBuy. You just need to sign on for an unlimited plan with AT&T, have an eligible device to trade-in, and it’s all yours. Plus it’s $200 more than what AT&T offers if you go direct.View Deal

iPhone 12 mini: free with trade-in @ AT&T
AT&T is offering $699 in bill credits when you trade-in an eligible device and sign up for an unlimited data plan for your iPhone 12 mini. Those credits are spread out over 30 months. Best of all, these Apple Cyber Monday deals are open to both new customers switching to AT&T as well as existing subscribers, and you can also apply the $699 credit to reduce the cost of other iPhones.View Deal

iPhone 12 mini: free with trade-in @ T-Mobile
Get a new line at T-Mobile and trade-in an eligible device, and the carrier will give you up to $730 credits applied to your monthly bill. That covers the cost of an iPhone 12 mini at T-Mobile.View Deal

iPhone 12: Save up to $200 when you buy a tablet @ Verizon
If you’re looking for a new iPhone 12 and a tablet, then this may be the deal for you. Verizon has a number of tablets on sale, including the new iPad Air, though that’s not the only eligible tablet. So pick one up and you can instantly save $200 on that iPhone 12 you’ve been eying.View Deal

iPhone 12: $700 off with Unlimited + trade-in @ AT&T
New and existing AT&T subscribers can get the iPhone 12 for $700 off when purchased with an AT&T Unlimited Plan and with trade-in of an iPhone 8 (or newer). It’s one of the best iPhone 12 deals we’ve seen yet.View Deal

iPhone 12: free AirPods Pro @ Visible
For a limited time, Visible is offering new customers a pair of Apple AirPods Pro. You’ll pay slightly more than list price for each iPhone, but you’ll get more than reimbursed via the headphones, which normally cost $249. Considering that the iPhone 12 ships without earbuds of any kind, that’s a good deal.View Deal

iPhone 12: up to $500 off w/ trade-in @ Apple Store
The Apple Store is offering credits of up to $500 when you purchase a new iPhone 12 and trade-in your old phone. A Galaxy S10 would get you up to $160 in Apple credits, whereas an iPhone XS would get you up to $300 in Apple credits. The credits can be used for your iPhone 12 pre-order. View Deal

iPhone 12 Pro: $700 off with Unlimited + trade-in @ AT&T
New and existing AT&T subscribers can get the iPhone 12 Pro for $700 off when purchased with an AT&T Unlimited Plan and with trade-in of an iPhone 8 (or newer). The iPhone 12 Pro adds a telephoto lens and LiDAR sensor for improved photography.View Deal

iPhone 12: save $250 on all models @Xfinity Mobile
Xfinity Mobile is taking $250 off any iPhone from now until Jan. 4, and giving existing customers a $250 prepaid card if they upgrade to a new Apple device. This covers every model in the iPhone 12 range, as well as the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE, making it a compelling reason to switch. However, keep in mind that Xfinity Mobile is exclusive to Xfinity home customers.View Deal

iPhone 12: $150 Mastercard for T-Mobile/Sprint @ Apple
For a limited time, T-Mobile and Sprint customers who purchase an iPhone 12 via the Apple Store and trade-in an iPhone 8 or newer will receive a $150 Mastercard. (You’ll receive a promo code for the card, which can be validated at T-Mobile). This is one of the best iPhone 12 Cyber Monday deals we’ve seen. (You can view the full details of this promo below the 5th footnote on the Apple Store page). View Deal

iPhone 12 Pro: Save $950 with new line, trade in @ T-Mobile
The iPhone 12 Pro delivers the best cameras on any phone along with a stellar display and unbeatable performance. And T-Mobile is offers up to $950 off both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max. You need to activate a new line on an eligible plan and trade in an eligible iPhone in good condition. View Deal

iPhone 12: six months free data, texts, & minutes @ FreedomPop
Buy any iPhone 12 model at FreedomPop and for six months you’ll receive 250 minutes and 1GB each month absolutely free along with unlimited texting. The phone is locked to the carrier, however, and will stay that way for one whole year.View Deal

iPhone 12 mini: free with 24-month contract @ Sprint
Thanks to Sprint, you can get the iPhone 12 mini for free if you sign up to a 24-month contract and have an older iPhone to trade in, providing it’s a fairly recent model.
View Deal

Best iPhone 11 Cyber Monday deals

Best iPhone 11 deal

iPhone 11: was $599 now $449 @ Walmart
Walmart is cutting the monthly payment on the iPhone 11 to $14.97 spread out over 30 months, or $18.71 over 24. That’s a $150 discount from the iPhone’s new price at Apple. You’ll need to activate the phone with either AT&T or Verizon.View Deal

iPhone 11: save up to $210 w/trade-in @ Apple
Skip the carrier locks by going straight to the source, and save yourself some cash in the process. Get up to $210 off when you trade in an eligible handset, and you can have last year’s flagship for a bargain.View Deal

iPhone 11: six months free data, texts, & minutes @ FreedomPop
Like the iPhone 12 buying a new iPhone 11 means you can get 250 minutes and 1GB every month for six months, absolutely free. Plus unlimited texting. Just remember that you have to spend a year with the carrier before they’ll unlock the phone.View Deal

iPhone 11 Pro: Save $550 w/trade-in @ Verizon
Sign up for a new unlimited line at Verizon and you can save up to $550 off the cost of your phone — just so long as you have an eligible trade-in. If you’re upgrading you get a different offer, saving up to $350 when you trade in.View Deal

Best iPhone SE Cyber Monday deals

Best iPhone SE Deal

iPhone SE: was $399 now free @ AT&T
AT&T offers a couple ways to save on the iPhone SE. Right now the phone is available for $5 a month whether you’re a new or existing AT&T customer. That cuts the cost to $149 over a 30-month agreement. Trade in an eligible phone, though, and you can get that iPhone SE for free, with your credits spread out over 30 months.View Deal

iPhone SE: was $399 now $249 @ Walmart
Walmart is cutting the price of the iPhone SE in half. To get the phone for $249 — a savings of $150 — you’ll need to buy it through either Straight Talk or True Wireless. The Editor’s Choice iPhone SE features a 4.7-inch Retina Display, A13 Bionic CPU, 12MP rear camera, and 7MP front camera. View Deal

iPhone SE: was $399 now $199 @ T-Mobile
Buy an iPhone SE on a monthly installment plan, and activate a new line of data at T-Mobile. The Uncarrier will give you bill credits over the next 24 months that cut the iPhone SE price by 50%. View Deal

iPhone SE: get $100 GC and charging bundle @ Visible
Visible’s $384 price on the iPhone SE is only $15 less than what the phone sells for at Apple. But it’s the goodies that Visible includes which makes this a noteworthy deal. Buy an iPhone SE and you’ll get a $100 MasterCard gift card. Visible also includes a charging bundle from the Nimble brand with your phone.View Deal

iPhone SE: Save up to $140 w/trade-in @ Apple
Buying direct from Apple means you don’t have to worry about being locked to a specific carrier, so you might as well go for it. And if you have an old phone that would otherwise take up space you can hand it over and save yourself some cash. As part of its annual sale, Apple is giving iPhone SE purchasers a $50 gift card through Nov. 30.View Deal

Best iPhone XR Cyber Monday deals

iPhone XR: was $499 now $299 @ Cricket
Switchers who bring their old phone number to Cricket can save $200 off the iPhone XR, Apple’s 6.1-inch iPhone from 2018. Need a new phone number? You can still pick up the iPhone XR for $399, which is a $100 discount off the phone’s reduced price at Apple.View Deal

iPhone XR: Free w/trade-in and unlimited plan @ AT&T
The iPhone XR may be getting on a bit, but it’s still a great phone to have – especially when you can the phone for no cost. You still need to sign on for an unlimited plan and trade-in an eligible handset, but it’s a deal you can’t miss out on.View Deal

iPhone XR: save up to $210 w/trade-in @ Apple
Free yourself from carrier locks by buying directly from the source, and save yourself money by offloading your old phone in the process. It pays to buy from Apple, literally.View Deal

Best iPhone XS Cyber Monday deals

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