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46 Best Cyber Monday Home and Kitchen Deals (2020): Vacuums, Coffee, Smart Home – WIRED

The Nest Hub lacks a security camera, and its speaker is nothing to write home about, but if you’re building out a smart home with stand-alone security cameras and speakers—which is the best way of doing it—there’s little need to pay extra for a hub with these features built in. WIRED’s Matt Jancer has been using one for six months, and he says its 7-inch screen is more than enough to view from across his apartment. Walmart’s deal includes a $20 Vudu credit for watching television shows and movies on its streaming channel.

Nest Mini for $19 ($30 off)

Target, Walmart

You don’t need a screen in every room, but Nest Minis add a way for the Nest system (they all link together) to hear and respond to you when you’re away from your main hub. As WIRED’s Scott Gilberston noted in his review, don’t expect stellar sound quality for playing music. It’s a speaker designed to communicate with you, not substitute for a Sonos.

Allform 3-Seat Sofa for $1,595 ($400 off)

Allform (Enter CYBERSALE20 at Checkout

Allform furniture isn’t cheap, but it’s a little cheaper right now. Our favorite three-seat sofa uses non-toxic water-based glues and finishes. Best of all, it’s comfortable. The deep-set cushions have stayed fluffy under heavy use, and this model is long enough for the tallest among us to snooze on.

Benchmade Modern Tyler Sofa for $2,690 ($675 off)

Benchmade Modern

Benchmade Modern puts a level of polish on the online couch-buying process that doesn’t exist elsewhere (at least in our testing). The company’s website lets you browse colors and resize couches with a slider to see cushion layout. When you have some idea what you want, you can also order a full book of fabric swatches, along with a full-size printout of your sofa so you can make sure it fits in your living space. Benchmade Modern sofas aren’t cheap, but this deal will save you 20 percent.

Burrow Nomad Sofa Sectional for $1,495 ($200 off)

Burrow (Enter DOUBLE at Checkout)

The Burrow sofa sectional is plush, comfy, and fairly compact, but its best feature is how quickly it assembles. The Nomad sofa sectional ships in a few large boxes, depending on the options you choose (with or without an ottoman, extra cushions, et cetera). Once you open the boxes, the build goes pretty quickly. Everything snaps together like a big plush Lego set. The sofa sectional can easily seat three people, four if you seat someone on the chaise. It’s a great choice for small apartments.

Aura Carver Digital Frame for $159 ($40 off)

Amazon (With Prime), Aura

WIRED writer Medea Giordano tested this frame and loves it, despite its high price. Photos look stunning, not pixelated; even old scanned photos hold up. It doesn’t look exactly like an analog frame, but nor does it look like the tacky digital frames of the past. You can add members to the app, so they can send photos directly to the frame’s rotation, which makes it a nice gift option for parents or grandparents. The deal on Amazon is only available if you join Prime.

Pets and Parenting Deals

Who deserves a holiday treat more than our babies (of the two- and four-legged variety)? For more ideas, check out our Best STEM Toys and Best Dog Accessories guides.

45 Best Cyber Monday Home and Kitchen Deals  Vacuums Coffee Smart Home

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KiwiCo Gift Subscriptions for $10 ($10 off)

KiwiCo (Enter MERRY at Checkout)

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