Saturday, July 24

Hey Anime Lovers, Funimation Is Seemingly Teasing Its App For Switch – Nintendo Life

The Nintendo Switch is obviously a great device for gaming but admittedly falls short in terms of video and streaming apps.

Sure, we’ve got YouTube, Hulu and a few others, but where are the rest? Well, it looks like the next one that might be on its way to the hybrid system is Funimation’s app.

This service, if you didn’t already know, is designed for anime fans – allowing you to binge up to “13,000 hours” of popular series. There are shows like My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan and classics like Initial D.

The Funimation app is already available on the Xbox and PlayStation and has been mentioned for the Switch in the past. Is this an app you would add to your HOME Menu if it did show up on the Switch? Comment down below.

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