Monday, July 26

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SUNDAY: Becoming Partly Sunny. Breezy.  High: 56.

TONIGHT: Becoming Cloudy.  Low: 35.

MONDAY: Cloudy. Some Showers & Snow.  Coating-2″.  High 42.

TUESDAY: Mostly Sunny.  High: 36.



This afternoon, we’ll have partly sunny skies and a high in the mid 50s. That is the warmest weather we’ll see for a while.

Tonight, the skies will be clear from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., which is the start of a meteor shower.  When the meteor shower peaks at 2 a.m., you’ll notice clouds.

We’re cloudy by the end of the night because a small snowstorm is on the way for Monday.

Overall, many of us will see a coating to 2″, but that’s mainly for the grass.

snow monday

We get a coating to 2″ on Monday.  A lot of that will melt right away on the warm pavement and roads.

For Schuylkill County, Berks County, The Lehigh Valley, and The Poconos, the snow will arrive during the morning commute, and the roads will just be wet during rush hour. 

Because the pavement will still be pretty warm, it’ll take a while for the snow to collect on the roads in the the Lehigh Valley and Berks County.  More than anything, it’ll just make some slush on the roads and sidewalks after rush hour.

The snow ends at lunchtime.

The Philly area won’t even see snow from this storm.  Instead, you’ll just get rain.

Monday Storm

Not everyone gets the Coating-2″ on Monday.  The Philly area sees only rain.

As updated information comes in to the 69 News Stormcenter, we’ll update you on 69.2, our 24-hour weather channel, right here on and on our 69 News Weather App. 

Tuesday is the calm before the big storm. 

The skies are mostly sunny on Tuesday, and it’s starting to feel cold enough for snow with highs in the mid 30s.

On Wednesday, a snow storm rides up the coast to bring us plowable snow. 

Plan for a snowstorm that will disrupt your Wednesday afternoon and evening.

It is clear that many spots will get at least a foot of snow.  All weekend long, the future radars we use for forecasting have been consistent: they’ve showed at least a foot of snow for much of our area.

Here’s what the future radars show as of Sunday morning (they update twice a day).

The American future radar wants 12-18″.

gfs 0z sat

This future radar wants 12-18″.

The European future radar wants 8-20″.  

euro 0z sat

This future radar wants a lot of snow in some spots, but not for everyone.  Look how the colors differ–this shows you how a wiggle in the track of the storms means a lot vs a little.

The Canadian future radar wants 8-14″.

CMC 0z sat

This future radar wants 8-14″

While all three disagree on the exact amount, it’s clear they all want a foot for most places.

We study these future radars from update to update to watch for trends and disagreements.

Over the weekend, they’ve trending the snowfall total up to a foot or more for many places, so that will be the base for our snowfall total map on Monday.

Now, look how there are sharp color cutoffs on some of those snowfall maps.  That’s because there will be sharp cutoffs in snowfall amounts.

This storm is hard to track because if it were to nudge more north, some spots south of Philly will get all rain and no snow.  This also means less snow for parts of our area if the rain part of the storm moves more north.  This is why we’ve had to study this storm so closely. 

Wed Storm

If the rain area of this storm moves more north, that will drastically cut snowfall totals.

So far, the track of the storm has stayed the same from update to update.

We’ll keep you updated on this snowstorm right here on, on the 69 News Weather Channel (69.2), today on WFMZ at 6 and 10 p.m., and on the 69 News Weather App.  Count on us.

Look for county-by-county snowfall totals beginning Monday morning with Meteorologist Matt Broderick.



Today 12 13

Today’s high in the mid 50s is 15 degrees warmer than average.


tonight 12 12

We start out with clear skies at the start of the meteor shower.  Then, we turn cloudy later in the night.


monday 12 14

There’s a wide range in the snowfall on Monday.  Some spots will get all rain and no snow.  Other spots will get a coating on the grass.  Some places will see up to 2″.


tue 12 15

Enjoy the sunshine and dry, but cold weather on Tuesday.


Snow Storm Wed Timeline

Plan for plowable snow of a foot or more Wednesday afternoon and night that will disrupt your plans.


7 day 12 12

It gets cold at the end of the week.


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